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Des Cooney


Axis Strategy Consultants


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Des Cooney specializes in the provision of advice on pensions and retirement planning to expatriates. He is a Director of Axis Strategy Consultants, a French regulated Insurance broker. His particular area of expertise is on QROPS and the transfer of UK pensions overseas. Emphasis is put on the investment of clients' money in the ‘right funds at the right time’ in order to maximize gains. Attention is also given to tax planning issues when deciding which products to recommend.


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Abdelrahman Mokhtar


I am an Egyptian Engineer working in Dubai and I would like to move to France to live there.

My friends told me that if I invest a 250 thousand dollars in a property I can get the French citizenship.

Is this information is right or not and if I got the citizenship in this way, would I have the same rights as a native citizen?


by Abdelrahman Mokhtar on 21 Feb 2017 Read Answer
John Forkin

We are retired and have just moved to France to live and we have been advised to take out a life insurance (assurance vie) as means of savings. I have had one quote so far and the rate of interest is approx. 2 1/2 % which seems to be the norm. But I am concerned about the charges/fees. Could you advise me. Also can you advise if me and my wife can have more than one life insurance each?
Thanking you.
Best regards
John Forkin

by John Forkin on 15 Mar 2015 Read Answer

Hi. In order to receive payment from a French Life insurance company, I need to open an account in France but I don't live there. How can I open an account in France (optimally using an American Company) without having any evidence that I live in France. Is that possible?

by Theresa on 18 Aug 2014 Read Answer

Hi, I am thinking of returning to France with my english partner, and I am looking to pay as little tax and social charges as possible on our investements. Assurance Vie seems to be a good option. What are the detailled social charges for an Assurance Vie investment?
Thanks, Sylvie

by Sylvie on 19 Nov 2013 Read Answer

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