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Patricia Moerland
Patricia Moerland

Dear Patricia
We are finding it hard to understand the best way to set up our new lives in France, particularly with regards to entering the French Social Security system with a view to healthcare entitlements etc. I work as a remote PA with clients in England and am paid into my English bank account and am self employed with HMRC. My partner is a writer and has no regular income at the moment. Would it be better for me to set up as self employed in France, get my clients to pay me into our french bank account and pay into the French tax system? Micro-Entrepreneur? And then would we both have access to the social security system? I would be really grateful for clarity as despite everything available to read on the internet and us both being intelligent people we just can't figure it out!
With huge thanks Melissa

by Melissa Lee on 24 Jan 2018 Read Answer
Patricia Moerland
Patricia Moerland

Hi dear, our company is setting a new business in France and we require an insurance "Responsabilite Civile et Professionnelle. Would it be possible for you to advice on this?

Kind Regards,
Sandra Rosales

by Sandra Rosales on 20 Oct 2017 Read Answer
Patricia Moerland
Patricia Moerland

Good day Ms. Moerland,
I'm a British citizen married and living in Paris. I am planning to start a 4 month contract as an IT consultant to a large French company (marketing technology adviser).
I've read a lot but still cannot decide on what approach to take. I could go down the auto-entrepreneur route but will exceed the 32,900e limit within the duration of the contract. I have also considered going with "webportage", they seem to have a comprehensive service but they are rather expensive.
I've also considered setting up a company structure but that may too much overhead.
Perhaps it's possible to be auto-entrepreneur until the limit had been reach and then change my status?
As I mentioned my contract will be 4 months initially, it may be extended after the 4 month period. If it's not extended I may well take a second contract so you can consider that the independent contractor status will be long term and not just for 4 months. Thank you very much for any advise you can offer.

by Jason V on 03 Jul 2017 Read Answer
Patricia Moerland
Patricia Moerland

Dear Patricia,

I’m a freelance photographer in the UK (8 yrs as a sole trader). I’m moving to France with my French partner and wish to continue to freelance. I’ve heard of ‘Micro entrepreneur’ & ‘Portage salarial’ but I’m not sure which is best for me (or if there is another better option).

The key factors are:-

1) I have ongoing expenses (eg. cost of camera repairs, expensive camera equipment,….). so must be able to claim for these ( is this a problem as a micro entrepreneur?)

2) My income fluctuates each month dependent on contracts (is this another problem with micro entrepreneur?)

4) I plan to live and work in France, but I might return to the UK for the occasional big shoots (large commission of multiple days, which would make it financially viable, after deducting travel time and cost to get to the UK and back to France).

5) I Would consider part time work in France teaching English to boost my income.

6) My Salary might sometimes go over the €32,900 threshold for micro entrepreneur but I don’t know the implications of this.

7) I will not have full French citizenship when I first move to France, but I intend to get that in the future.

If you can advise me what would be the best business set up option that would be great.

Many Thanks,

by Nathan Clarke on 01 Feb 2017 Read Answer
Patricia Moerland
Patricia Moerland

Dear Patricia Moerland,
I recently changed from a CDD to a CDI (automatically thanks to french law) as my employment continued despite my CDD contract's end date.
My employer didn't provide me with a hard-copy of a CDI until my insisting one 4 months after the original CDD's end date. I now have a CDI in hard-copy and would like to know what the standard template or 'articles' points that should be on a CDI contract are? As there is no mention of my pay, nor 'primes'/bonuses, hours, statutory holidays, vacation, over time etc. There is also nothing stipulating my tenure/seniority.
On that note the company I am currently working for bought over another company's business (my original employer). Between the two companies (original and current employer) my seniority/tenure, should it not be based on my original entry date to the business (1st cdd contracts hire date?)? Especially since the new employer under french law is deemed to uphold the previous employers 'accords'/conventions?
I appreciate your assistance and responding to my inquiries,

by E on 17 Jan 2017 Read Answer
Patricia Moerland
Patricia Moerland

Dear Patricia, I am a US citizen currently living in France on a long-stay visa. For the moment, I am not working. However, I am exploring the possibility of doing freelance writing and marketing work for US clients from here. I would earn US dollars from US businesses and deposit them in a US bank, withdrawing money from ATMs in France for living expenses here. Would this be in violation of a long-stay visa? Thank you in advance!

by Cindy Powell on 21 Sep 2016 Read Answer
Patricia Moerland
Patricia Moerland


I just finished the article "Becoming a freelance or self-employed worker in France" and there was one more question that I had. I started my own company online and I would like to move to France and set up with both online clients and face to face clients.

Is the information in this article valid for non EU residents? What kind of visa would I need?

Thank you very much for your help!

by Andrew on 19 Jan 2016 Read Answer
Patricia Moerland
Patricia Moerland

Hello Patricia,

I'm going to work for a investment bank in Paris but I'm waiting for a better opportunity. If I have a contract for 3 years and want to leave this company what is the notice time? Do I have to pay anything to the company? How does that work?

Thanks for the help.
Best regards

by Ana on 08 Dec 2015 Read Answer
Patricia Moerland
Patricia Moerland

Hi, I am moving to France to live with my girlfriend who has a house there. I am self employed and work from home buying and selling vintage HIFI on the internet, I also repair and service vintage HIFI equipment. My business falls below current VAT ceiling. I do have debts and may have to go bankrupt at some point before I finally move. I would love to have some expert help as to my best option to move forward or to put me in touch with someone in France. Thanks

by Barrie Brett on 15 Sep 2015 Read Answer
Patricia Moerland
Patricia Moerland

Hi Patricia,
I'm looking to set up as self employed in Rennes as I have s been offered work there. I'll be installing kitchens and plumbing systems but only for two weeks a month.
I have been told that I need insurances different to what we have in the UK can you advise please to what I'll require and if possible any information to how you set up the whole system.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Nick Morgan

by Nick Morgan on 14 Sep 2015 Read Answer

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