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Streaming Services

Watch your home country's TV abroad: a guide to international streaming ser...


With content delivery services that offer access to your favourite TV programmes from your home country around the world, living abroad has never been easier.

Ferries across the Channel

Ferries across the Channel: getting around Europe by boat


Travel between mainland Europe and the UK has never been easier, and if you’re sick of air travel there remains the classic option: take a boat.

Emergency numbers in France

Emergency numbers in France and support helplines


What emergency numbers should you call in France? Our guide to French emergency medical or crime-related numbers and non-medical helplines for lost property and general enquiries will prepare you for the worst should you encounter any pressing emergencies or require any help in France.

French social security

French social security – and how to claim your benefits

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This guide explains what you need to know about the French social security system: who has to pay, how much, what is covered and how to claim your benefits

Driving in France

A guide to driving and parking in France


For drivers in France, here's a guide to French road rules, importing a car, and whether you need to exchange your foreign driver's licence for a French one.

Crime and the legal system in France


Can you pinpoint a pick pocket in France? Know the French legal system, including common crimes in France and where to be most cautious.

Learning the French rhythm: the French Calendar


How do French companies function when everyone is 'always' on vacation? If you have to ask this question, it's because you haven't learned yet about the French Calendar.

Airports in France

Airports in France


Travelling in France? Find the closest airport in France to your holiday destination.

Public transport in France

France transportation: Trains, metro, buses and taxis in France


Here's a guide to transportation in France, from trains in France to buses, subways and taxi services in France.

Embassies in Paris

Guide to embassies in France


If you're looking to contact an embassy in France, look no further than our list of the major embassies in Paris.

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