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Last update on November 11, 2019

French have a pleasantly guileless approach to sex – it has always been seen as part of life, not as something extra. But there are many unwritten rules in the game of seduction.

Sex appeal

Though they may not be the most beautiful, the French are physically one of the best presented people in the world. They know how to dress, move, stand, smile, frown and even pout in an attractive way.

Because they use their hands, faces and bodies to communicate far more than the Anglo-Saxon peoples, they are at ease with their bodies, and this, together with their unquestioning belief in themselves, gives them considerable sex appeal. The young Jeanne Moreau may not have been as beautiful as Grace Kelly, but she was much sexier. Jean Gabin was certainly not as handsome as Cary Grant, but he had more sex appeal in the tilt of his hat than Grant had in his entire body.

Pleasantly guileless

The French have a pleasantly guileless approach to sex. In the old days they believed it was necessary for a young couple to be chaperoned – not in case the couple made love, but because it was expected that they would do so. Sex has always been seen as part of life, not as an extra to the curriculum.

Unwritten rules

What distinguishes the French sexually from others is that there are still many unwritten rules. If a man invites a girl to his apartment, she can rest assured that he will make a pass at her. To do anything less would be an insult (in the eyes of the man) to them both.

On the other hand, although a Frenchman might well make a pass at the wife of a friend or colleague, he would never make a pass at the friend or colleague’s daughter. The first is permissible, part of the wonderful nip and tuck of French life. The second is unthinkable, an abject betrayal of friendship, because the daughter is not in a position to make an informed decision. Seduction is an art form to be practised only among equals.