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Spain visa

Moving to Spain: Guide to Spanish visas and permits


Find out if you need a Spanish visa or permit to visit, live, work or study in Spain.

Work in Spain: Spain's work visas

Work in Spain: Guide to Spanish work visas


Moving to Spain to work? Find out if you need a visa or permit to work in Spain, and the procedures for applying for your Spanish work permit.

How to get Spanish permanent visa or Spanish nationality

A guide to Spanish citizenship and permanent residence


Find out when you can apply for Spanish citizenship or permanent residency, and what conditions and paperwork you need to qualify.

Spanish passport

The Spanish passport


If you're a foreigner residing in Spain, you can apply for a Spanish passport if you acquire Spanish citizenship. This will entitle you to certain additional benefits such as being able to travel around the world as an EU citizen. Here's a guide to the Spanish passport application process.

Official translations and Apostille stamps

Preparing legal documents: Official translations and authentication in Spai...


The wrong paperwork can severely backtrack any legal process: Get it right the first time with this guide on preparing documents with officially translations and authentications.

Spanish visa to join a relative or partner in Spain


If you are moving to Spain to join a relative or spouse, find out about Spain's visas and permits for family reunification in Spain.

A guide for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens moving to Spain


A guide for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens – and their family members – coming to live, work or study in Spain.

Study in Spain

Studying in Spain: Spanish student visas and permits


Find out which Spanish student visas or permits you need to study in Spain, take part in a student exchange or carry out research, training or internship/volunteer work.

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