Home News Officials target ‘alcohol tourism’ in Mallorca poster drive

Officials target ‘alcohol tourism’ in Mallorca poster drive

Published on June 20, 2018

Local authorities on Spain's holiday Island of Mallorca have put up 20 posters warning of heavy penalties for nudity, fighting and other alcohol-fuelled misbehaviour, it was announced on Wednesday.

Revellers in the Balearic tourist town of Magaluf can be fined up to 500 euros (£440; $580) for drinking in the street and 400 euros if they strip off or “shout, fight or bother” people, brightly coloured posters say with the hashtag #havefunwithrespect.

A statement issued by the council said the banners, in English and Spanish, had been put up to “encourage citizenship” in spots known for loutish behaviour.

“The campaign is aimed at young people who usually walk these streets,” the statement said, adding it wanted to reduce “alcohol tourism”.

The popular resort of Magaluf is known for attracting young party-goers — mainly from Britain and Ireland — to its beaches, bars and nightclubs.

However, the local authorities have begun to clamp down on anti-social behaviour in recent years, imposing fines running into hundreds of euros.

In 2017, 785 complaints were filed for drinking alcohol in the street. Sanctions given to revellers walking around naked or half-naked in unauthorised spaces were issued 68 times.

The penalties displayed on the posters were announced in March.