Where to find a gym or health club in Barcelona

Where to find a gym or health club in Barcelona

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Want to go swimming, work out, or take up Pilates or aerobics class? Explorer Publishing shows you where to find these health club facilities.


Gyms in Barcelona are of a high standard but membership is usually required for most health clubs and country clubs. Municipal sports centres (known as polideportivos/poliesportius or centros deportivos/centres esportius) often offer a ‘pay and play’ system as well as formal memberships.  

Gyms in Barcelona tend to have swimming pools and saunas, and in some cases spa facilities, which means that there is a crossover of sports centres and health clubs. ‘Pure gyms,’ that concentrate wholly on cardiovascular training, free weights and fitness classes are not as common as gyms with swimming pools, due to the hot weather.

Do note that when summer arrives, gyms become significantly less busy, as members flock to the beach or nearby mountain areas such as Montserrat.  However, outdoor pools and solarium areas are often packed in the pre-holiday months of June and July.

Can Ricart
Sant Oleguer, 10
93 441 75 26
Can Ricart is an open-plan gym with a range of fitness classes. There’s a large free weight and resistance area downstairs, with cardiovascular machines and exercise mats upstairs. There is a 25m indoor swimming pool, which can get very crowded in the evenings, and a small outdoor solarium with about 10 sunbeds.

A spa pool with water jets and Jacuzzi is open to all. However you have to pay a supplementary membership for the spa area and sauna

Standard membership costs EUR 33 per month for use of the facilities at anytime. There is also a half-day tariff of EUR 24 per month, which allows use of the facilities until 14:00 every day. One-off entry to the pool costs EUR 10 per person.

Various locations
90 210 19 79
This Catalan-owned fitness chain has gyms dotted all over the city. The most impressive of DiR’s 13 branches is DiR Diagonal. The 12,600sq m centre has one large fitness room with cardiovascular equipment, three other rooms used for the many daily classes and one spinning room. The best feature is the 50m swimming pool which is half-indoor and half-outdoor during the summer, and surrounded by a grassy area where gym-goers relax on sun beds.

Membership costs vary between centres, depending on the facilities, but average between EUR 42 and EUR 48 per month. Day membership is available and there are special promotions from time to time for members to invite one guest free of charge.

Esportiu Claror
C/ de Sardenya, 333
Sagrada Família
93 476 13 90
This gym and sports centre in Gràcia has a number of activities for children and families; basketball, judo, aerobics and dance classes are aimed at children from primary school age to 16 years old. Swimming classes are also available for children aged three and above.

Facilities include fitness rooms, a spinning room, space for judo and taekwondo classes, a weights room and a cardiovascular area with running, rowing and bike machines.

 Monthly membership costs EUR 29.80 for adults and EUR 16.40 for under 16s. Morning, midday or evening membership costs between EUR 21.30 and EUR 23.20.

Holmes Place
Various locations
93 272 20 00
This reputable British chain has two centres in Barcelona: Balmes, 44-46 and Ausiàs Marc, 9-11. There are three different exercise rooms in each; one used for aerobic classes, one for spinning and one for relaxation (yoga and tai chi).

Around 150 classes are given each week, so there is no need to pre-book as you will find something at any time of day. The 20m swimming pool is restricting if you want to train or are a serious swimmer.

On the whole, the atmosphere is adult focused, and there are few family activities. Membership costs between EUR 70 and EUR 80, depending on whether you sign up for the membership that allows you to use the facilities at all times or at restricted times.




Pilates was first developed in 1945. Based on eastern traditions, European training methods and Greek and Roman exercises, it is an invigorating workout designed to strengthen body and mind. It is essentially a more rigorous form of yoga, centring on similar principles of flexibility, posture and strength, but the movements in Pilates are quite different.

Pilates is beneficial for helping patients to prepare for and recover from surgery or pregnancy and is particularly popular with athletes because it helps to prevent injury. Many health clubs and gyms now offer Pilates classes.

Area Pilates
C/ Laforja, 101
Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
Hospital Clínic
93 209 10 63
This centre uses Pilates equipment for individual and group classes (maximum four people). You can do allegro, fitball, bosu, elastic resistance or work with multi-sized balls. Each room is dedicated to a different Pilates method.

One group class costs between EUR 30 and EUR 36 (depending on the chosen method) and the monthly fee is EUR 105 to EUR 130 for one-55-minute class per week. Located in the Zona Alta area, classes are attended by professionals and well-to-do residents of the district.

Centre Pilates Barcelona
C/ Girona, 15
93 301 08 46
Centre Pilates was first opened in 2003 by French former professional ballet dancer Fabien Menegon.
The peculiarity of this centre is that all classes are on a one-to-one basis.  Each pupil will have a specially-tailored class by his or her qualified Pilates instructor who used to be professional dancers.
With classes being one-on-one, the level is more intense and the prices higher. One class costs EUR 46 and a ticket valid for five classes costs EUR 220. The centre is open from Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 20:00 (Saturdays 10:00-14:00).

Pilates Powerhouse
Pg Francesc
Macià, 89
Sant Cugat
93 544 16 94
The name ‘Pilates powerhouse’ may evoke images of sweaty gyms and bulging muscles, but this is at odds with the centre itself although it does focus on the physically challenging aspect of Pilates. A wide range of equipment is used during the classes, including resistance ropes, large inflatable balls, bars and a number of contraptions designed to increase flexibility, strength and toning.

Aerobics & Fitness Classes
Aerobics is excellent for improving circulation, burning fat, reducing cellulite and feeling healthy.

Most gyms offer a wide range of aerobics classes that can range from spin classes to glutis, abdominals i cames (bums, legs and tums). Usually, you will need to be a member of a gym, health club or swimming pool before you can attend classes. Spinning classes are hugely popular, so make sure you book in advance.

The clubs such as BonaSport , Club Femini Iradier , DiR  and Holmes Place offer aerobic and aqua aerobic classes, including aquafit, aquapower, aquarelax, aqua-tó (aqua toning) and aqua aerobics.

The same goes for the reasonably-priced municipal gyms, such as Can Ricart in the Raval. The city’s main swimming pools and clubs also tend to have offer aqua aerobics. For more classes, check the city council directory (www.bcn.es).


The article is reprinted with permission of Explorer Publishing from the Barcelona Complete Residents' Guide on January 2010.



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13 Comments To This Article

  • Raluca posted:

    on 2nd December 2016, 17:21:24 - Reply

    Is there a swimming pool in Barcelona where they have adult swimming lessons?

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  • Victor posted:

    on 15th July 2016, 10:19:08 - Reply

    I agree with most of you guys. DiR is simply terrible when it comes to management.

    I got my phone stolen twice and caught foot fungus. They simply did not care.
    I am never going back there, ever.
  • Mateo posted:

    on 4th April 2016, 22:59:27 - Reply

    Agree with other who were lied to by DIR. Facilities are decent, but management is unscrupulous.
  • Jonathan posted:

    on 1st February 2016, 13:13:42 - Reply

    Hi guys,
    I'm a certified personal trainer living in the UK. I teach spin and gym based boxing and also circuit training and my next step will be in TRX training. I'm relocating to spain and I'm in a real need of a job path. So please if anyone knows any opportunity in a gym or anything that would save me.

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  • Martina posted:

    on 28th January 2016, 18:23:19 - Reply

    Please if you can tell me the nearest fitness centre which is by the shipyard in Barcelona?Thank you in advance

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  • Cecile posted:

    on 28th July 2015, 17:32:47 - Reply

    I would recommend everyone to avoid DiR clubs as I had an appauling experience with them. They lied to me about the offer to convince me signing up, promising me I could access ALL clubs in Barcelona, and then when I turned up to the Tuset centre I was charged 10 euros and at Diagonal they just didn't let me in. Then as I was surprised that I was signing on a machine without seeing any of the conditions of the contract (?!) they promised me I would receive all the documents by email but then I never received anything buy junkmail from them. Also I had to pay a whole year upfront to benefit the offer, but as I knew I only had 9 months in Barcelona to convince me signing up they promised me I could have half of the value of the months leftover at the end refunded, but when I left they said they couldn't do it between July and September! Neither could they give ma a voucher like they had promised they would at the beginning! The rules kept changing and they kept bullshitting me, I have never seen such a bad client service in my whole life. I talked to 3 different persons and had 3 different informations. They are dishonest, only after your money. I will definitely never go there again if I return to Barcelona.
  • Ray posted:

    on 10th January 2015, 09:09:53 - Reply

    Yes, I went with DiR for the month I am staying here. They are flexible, can make a membership until feb 1st for 32 euro (fitness, squash incl.) signup for 30 euro, they understand the potential business if I come back from march-june or more, had a welcoming attitude & understand customer service.

    The girl I met at Club Metropolitan Sagrada Familia had an attitude of almost "I would be lucky to be at CM". Needless to say, horrible attitude.
  • Zac posted:

    on 20th September 2014, 19:49:24 - Reply

    I just spent 5 days in Barcelona in August/September 2014. Before I left, I found as much as I could on the places and went for the gym I thought would be the best value. If you plan on working out more than 5 days and are big into working out, get a month pass to DIR. Tuset was my favotire. If you just want to maintain and are on a budget hit DIR Castillejos.

    Things that are important to me – Free weights, Dumbbells (atleast up to 40 kg) and machines. Here is the information that I can give you in case you are looking for gyms on your trip. I used the following format:

    August 31,2014 - Barcelona – Dir Castillejos - 9.10 Euros – Old school gym with 2 floors full of free weights and machines. Very good gym for the price. However, you have to have chip and PIN, they don’t take chip and signature cards (I blame the US card companies for this hardship) and said they wouldn’t take cash. I asked a passing lady (In broken Spanish) if she would use her credit card to pay and I would give her cash, which she happily did! Recommend this gym even after the hardship.
    September 1, 2014 – Barcelona - Dir Diagonal - ~25 Euros – Very nice gym with everything I required plus a ton I didn’t need (pool, sauna, steam room, etc.). Tons of weights and machines. Very expensive (they let you try a DIR gym for free, but I would recommend paying what you feel it’s worth at the least). You can get a month membership for 64 Euros if you will be in Barcelona for a while (make sure and get things waived/price reduced, its kinda like haggling for car prices).
    September 1, 2014 – Barcelona - Dir Tuset - ~25 Euros – Very clean and new equipment. Tons of machines and dumbbells. Lots of room to spread out and not very crowded. Of the Dir gyms, I liked this one the best. Very expensive (they let you try a DIR gym for free, but I would recommend paying what you feel it’s worth at the least. In my case, they didn’t put my information in right and I tried 2 at 10 Euros a piece). You can get a month membership for 64 Euros if you will be in Barcelona for a while (make sure and get things waived/price reduced, its kinda like haggling for car prices).
    September 2, 2014 – Barcelona - Holmes Place Balmes - ~14 Euros – Extremely small free weights area but weights were up to 40 kg. Few Machines. Overall it got the job done, and for the price, was a decent deal.
    September 2, 2014 – Barcelona - Club Metropolitan Balmes - ~35 Euros – I didn’t actually go in here because the lady downstairs was rude and the cost was insane. Don’t go here unless you like getting stolen from.

  • brenda posted:

    on 10th September 2014, 23:54:52 - Reply

  • Guillaume posted:

    on 31st August 2014, 22:02:11 - Reply

    Hi !

    I will be at Barcelona (near El Poblenou) soon, do you know a gym club which don't have astronomic price (12€/day)

  • Anna posted:

    on 19th August 2014, 22:46:13 - Reply

    This webpage is incorrect, rates are about €20 per day, €160 per month. Of course in US dollars thats a bit more. To do custom classes you need a membership and you need to pay additional for each class. DIR gyms are top of the line, DIR Diagonal being one of the best locations.

    There are other gyms in Barcelona that offer more affordable options! Good luck!
  • Kara posted:

    on 8th March 2013, 22:01:02 - Reply

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  • Joel posted:

    on 22nd May 2012, 20:00:11 - Reply

    Or you could come to Pilates Custom classes...

    I teach dynamic Pilates classes in Gracia every Tuesday from 19h - 20h and charge just €7 per class. I focus on teaching classes that balance form, strength and flexibility. No fancy equipment, just you and the mat. You can find all the information here https://www.facebook.com/pilatescustom