Where to buy food from home in Madrid

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Looking for a taste from home? Here's our guide to shops in the capital that import the food you miss.

Sabri Food Store


La Húngara
La Boulette
Taste of America
Tokio Ya
Extremo Oriente
Living in London


Sabri Food Store
San Emilio, 4
Tel/fax: 91 726 98 33.
E mail: sabrif@terra.es.
Metro: El Carmen.
Opens 10am-2.30pm, 5-9pm Monday-Saturday; 11am-2.30pm Fiestas and Sundays.

This homely supermarket lies in a secluded treelined road close to the bullring and parallel to the motorway  between Ventas and El Carmen. All goods on sale are imported from Wembley, North London, and in addition to a wide variety of Indian and Pakistani spices, herbs and vegetables, the shop stocks UK products like TCP antiseptic, Coleman's mustard, and PG Tips tea.

Foodland  (two branches)
Virgen de Lluc 4
Tel: 91 404 19 02
Fax: 91 539 21 72
Metro: El Carmen

Amparo 88
Tel: 91 467 28 80
Fax: 91 539 21 72
Metro: Embajadores

E mail for both:  rodivar@teleline.es

Madrid's two friendly Foodland shops, situated east and south of the centre, sell a wide selection of Arabic, Middle East, Oriental and UK products, including Lebanese tahini, Japanese soya sauce, hot Vindaloo curries, Indian basmati rice and Assam, Darjeeling and PG Tip teas (full leaf or tea bags) alongside English cereals.

Paseo de la Castellana 204
Tel: 91 359 63 77
Metro: Plaza Castilla
Open: 8 am to midnight daily.

Located right on the busy Castellana Avenue close to the imposing ultra modern leaning towers of Plaza de Castilla, this relaxing bar and restaurant also features a small delicatessen specialising in pastries and a variety of imported English products such as apple and pumpkin pies.

La Húngara
Padilla 33
Tel: 91 402 6574
Metro: Diego de Leon
Open: 9.30am-2 pm, 5-8.30pm. Closed Sunday afternoons and August.

This immaculate and friendly little pastry shop lies the very heart of the up market residential Salamanca district. A long-established family business founded more than half a century ago by Hungarian Nicolás Gruber, it's now run by his sons. Delicious highlights are its brioches, chocolates and raspberry and apple tarts.

La Boulette
Ayala 28
Tel: 91 431 77 25
Metro: Goya or Serrano
Open: 8am-3pm, 5.30-8pm. Closed Saturday afternoons and Sundays.

A justly famed "fromagerie" located at stall 64 inside Salamanca district's elegant covered market, Mercado de la Paz, La Boulette offers a choice of over a hundred varieties of European cheeses including English Stilton, Swiss Emmenthal and Danish Blue as well as traditional Spanish products such as the strong Asturian Cabrales. It also has a good selection of mountain hams, pates, preserves and smoked fish. La Boulette's other nearby stalls 11-13 specialise in delicious small croissants and pastries.

San Bernardo, 5 and 7
Tel: 91 559 77 41
Metro: Santo Domingo
Open: 10.30am-2pm and 4.30-8pm. Closed Sundays and fiestas.

Nestling in an arcade just off San Bernardo street and close to the Gran Vía, this homely store offers exotic Far East products from Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, China, India and Japan. Rices, pastas and varied sauces combine with Mexican specialities like frijoles negros. You'll also find PG Tip teas and a range of health food products here.

Edelweiss (three branches)
Galileo 93
Tel: 91 534 72 04
Metro: Ríos Rosas

Hilarión Eslava 38
Tel: 91 544 08 75
Metro: Moncloa.

Paseo Yeserías15
Tel: 91 517 82 94
Metro: Piramides
Open: 9.30am-2.15pm, 5-8.45pm.

This trio of compact and charming shops specialises in Austrian, German and Hungarian pastries. Highlights include apfelstrüdel, pear and sacher tarts (latter is a kind of chocolate biscuit stuffed with raspberries) and compotes made from a traditional recipe.

Rodríguez Marín 84
Tel: 91 563 60 83
Metro: Concha Espina.
Open: 9am-8pm. Closed after 3 pm Saturdays and all Sundays.

Attractively located in residential Concha Espina's "Little Germany" district, next to the Fass bar-restaurant, this international supermarket imports the largest choice of German products in Madrid, including  an outstanding range of homeland wines, beers and coffees. The bakery section produces rye and other kinds of bread cooked in Fass's own oven as well as first rate Munich apfelstrudel. You can also buy genuine German cheeses, sausages and salami at the delicatessen counter.

Taste of America
Serrano 149
Tel: 91 562 02 78
Metro: República Argentina
Open: 10am-9pm. Closed Sundays.

Set in a wide avenued leafy suburb at the northern end of Serrano street, this well-stocked shop has sells mainly North American products like maple syrup, pretzels, fudge brownies and Paul Newman sauces, and specialises in providing ingredients for US holiday specialities such as Halloween chocolates, Christmas candy and turkey stuffing for Thanksgiving. English items on sale include Cheddar cheese, marmite, Coleman's mustard, Jackson's teas and Lea and Perrins sauce.

Tokio Ya
Presidente Carmona 9
Tel: 91 579 23 11
Metro: Santiago Bernabeu.
Opens: 10am-2pm, 4-8pm. Closed Sundays.

One of two top quality Japanese shops in Spain (the other is in Barcelona) this immaculate food store has been around for over 20 years. It sells a very wide range of excellent — and expensive —  products ranging from saki to sushi, as well as newspapers, ceramics and cooking utensils.

Extremo Oriente
Plaza de España s/n. Tel: 91 547 91 91. Metro: Plaza de España.
Opens: 10am-2.15pm, 4.30-8.30pm. Closed Sundays and fiestas.

Tucked away in a slightly run-down gallery under the Plaza de España beside a Chinese cafe and travel agency, this well-patronised shop has been importing and selling products such as miso, ginseng, seaweed and oriental teas since early eighties from a variety of Far Eastern countries including the Philippines, China, Japan, Korea and Thailand. It also has a wide choice of Chinese magazines, dictionaries and books on acupuncture, martial arts and other Oriental subjects.

Living in London
Santa Engracia 4
Tel: 91 310 39 32
Fax: 91 310 55 28
Metro: Alonso Martínez.

New to Chamberí district, this rather twee heritage-style shop, the kind you might find in a Cotswold village, sells a varied range of English souvenirs and knick knacks from tea sets and ornate little clocks to colognes and pot pourri in bowls. The food alcove section offers a good choice of teas, shortbread biscuits and homemade jams (damson to peach).

Avenida de Europa s/n
CC Parque Oeste Alcorcón
Tel: 91 664 52 00
Cercanías suburban train line C5 from Atocha station.
Opens 11am (10am on Saturdays) -10pm. Closed Sundays.

This branch of the famed Scandinavian furniture superstore also has a small food shop selling all products Swedish from beers and apple and pear cider to herrings, meatballs and delicious Daim sweets. The digestive glogg wine, heated as a punch, is a Christmas favourite in its homeland.





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