Number of self-employed foreigners 8pc higher than last year

Number of self-employed foreigners 8pc higher than last year

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Recently published government statistics revealed an 8 percent increase in the number of self-employed foreigners working in Spain during the first nine months of this year.

The number of foreigners working under a self-employed basis has gone up from 19,302 people at the end of last year, to 260,679 by the end of September 2015.

This is considered very positive news seeing as the rate of unemployment amongst foreign residents in this country is higher than it is for Spanish nationals – 29% compared to 21.1%.

The fact that foreigners are faced with higher unemployment levels has pushed them to find work through their own merits and set up their own new businesses.

This is helped by the reduction in ‘autónomo’ fees that have been put in place by the Government for several years now in a bid to boost the creation of new businesses and entrepreneurship and lower the level of unemployment.

Now, the body for self-employed workers has called for the Government to simplify administration procedures for those thinking of setting up a new venture in order to help this group of workers, who struggled the most because of the economic crisis, even further.

A rise in the number of foreign workers employed under the ‘autónomo’ regime has been registered in every single autonomous region in Spain except for Ceuta, where the number has dropped by 1.7%.

The regions which have displayed the greatest rises in the number of foreign self-employed workers are: Cataluña (+4,498), the Balearic Islands (+4,339), the Valencia Region (+2,526), Andalucía (+2,420) and Madrid (+1,332), and they make up a total of 79% of the total increase.

In percentage terms, the biggest rises have been registered in the Balearic Islands (30.5%), Navarra (23.7%), Cataluña (8.4%) and Aragón (8.4%). The national average was 8%.

The report has revealed that now, foreign self-employed workers make up 8.2% of the total of all those working in this manner. This is opposed to 7.9% registered in March this year.

However, this figure varies from region to region, and is higher in some and lower in others. For example, in the regions of the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and Melilla the number is double that of the national average, with 16.6%, 20.5% and 19.7% respectively.

The regions with the fewest number of self-employed foreigners are Extremadura, Galicia and Asturias.

With regards to nationalities, there are more Chinese ‘autónomos’ than any other nationality. They are followed by the Italians, Moroccans, Pakistanis and Bulgarians.

And, the biggest rises percentage-wise of the number of self-employed foreigners have been registered with the Italians (+14.8%), Moroccans (+10.3%), Portuguese (+9.8%) and the Bulgarians (+8.8%).

Despite the fact that there are more Chinese registered as self-employed than any other nationality, the rate at which this number is growing is slowing down. This year there has been an increase of 4.9%, which translates to 2,230 people more up to September.

The majority of foreign ‘autónomos’ are working in the commercial sector (29%) and then the hostelry sector (23%), although there has been significant increases of numbers dedicated to the real estate sector (+14.5%), manufacturing (+14.1%) and artistic activities (+12.5%).



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