The household chores we all love to hate

The household chores we all love to hate

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We’ve probably all noticed at one time or another when we’re out and about the number of Spanish women cleaning their windows, sweeping around their doorsteps or the pavement outside of their house.

And, every time, we probably thought that it was about time that we did the same when we got home!

In actual fact, Spaniards are well-known for being the European nation that spends the most amount of time cleaning and tidying their home.

A total of 12% of the population admit to being a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning. This is in comparison to the 71% who say that it takes a bit of an effort, but their home is still tidy and clean.

In saying this, nevertheless, not all housework tasks are met with the same level of feeling of gratification at having to perform them. There are some that require much more of an effort to get them done in the first place.

According to a survey carried out by, the following housework chores are our least favourite. Do you agree?

Cleaning the oven

More than 40% of those surveyed admitted that this task was the one that they enjoyed the least. Some even said that they hadn’t cleaned their oven in at least several months, despite the fact that for optimum results and in order to ensure that bacteria do not build up inside, an oven should be cleaned properly once or twice a month.

Disinfecting the toilet

Many of those asked, specified that the task of cleaning and disinfecting the toilet was their second most hated chore. This is something that needs to be done at least once a week though.


After cleaning the oven and the toilet, Spaniards’ third most unpleasant task is ironing – one that I quite enjoy.

Cleaning the windows

How often do you clean your windows? Do you wait until you can barely see through them, or have some kind of regular cleaning schedule in place? This is the fourth disliked housework chore in Spain.

Cleaning and organizing the fridge

In spite of being a chore that very few of us contemplate doing several times a month, it is important to keep our fridge clean. If not, the fridge can turn into a focal point for bacteria due to the accumulation of out-of-date food, open products etc. Ideally, we should empty the contents of the fridge and clean the shelves and walls at least once a month.



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