Roaming tariffs reduced from 30 April within the EU

29th April 2016, Comments 0 comments

Last year it was announced by the EU that roaming costs will be banned in the future when travelling around EU member states.

For those that travel frequently or even just go on holiday once a year, this can’t come soon enough.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until 15 June 2017 for the final ban to come into play, as the abolishment of roaming charges is being rolled out in stages. However, from this Saturday 30 April, making or receiving calls whilst abroad in another EU country will become considerably cheaper.

Therefore, in two days’ time, if you are outside of Spain, for example on holiday in the UK, Italy or France, calling family and friends in Spain will still be more expensive than from making the call back here, but it will cost a lot less than it does today.

In this first stage of the roll-out, a surcharge will be applied to the domestic tariff that each client has contracted with his or her own mobile phone operator.

From 1 July and up until now, discounting any special bonuses for travelling abroad, the cost of making a call while abroad had a maximum cost of 23 cents/min, 6 cents for a SMS message, 20 cents per mega and up to 17 cents for any call received.

From Saturday, the tariffs (to which you must add IVA) will be the same as what we pay in Spain, with a slight surcharge added:

  • Making a call: domestic tariff + up to 0,05 € per minute
  • Receiving a call: 0,01 €
  • SMS text message: domestic tariff + 0,02 €
  • Online data download: domestic tariff + up to 0,05 € per mega


While the above prices are the maximum permissible prices, you might find that local network companies actually offer better rates, so it is wise to check before you travel to see whether you can get an even better deal.

This stage is the final step before roaming charges will no longer exist from 15 June next year.

From that point onwards, telecommunication companies will no longer be permitted to add any extra charges for making any calls from another country within the EU, and the price will be the same as what we pay in our own country.



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