Are you prepared to put on weight this Christmas?

Are you prepared to put on weight this Christmas?

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OK, so it’s nearly Christmas and most of us are resigned to the fact that we will put on weight. That’s not really the best mind-set to have, but unfortunately people don’t realize the power of their thoughts and words.

Many of us have been good all year round with regards to our diet and exercise regime, so by the time December arrives, we’ve all had enough. Or that’s our excuse, anyway.

With January just around the corner, the dominant thought is that we’ll overindulge in December, because it’s Christmas, and then we’ll sort it out after, starting on 2 January.

According to a recent survey carried out by, Spaniards eat all manner of things before Christmas – but in moderation.

The idea of dieting and stepping up their exercise programme doesn’t feature in the plans of the majority of Spaniards in the run up to Christmas or during the holidays. They are ready and prepared for a few weeks of excess at this point.

In fact, a total of 73% of the population admits to not changing their eating habits before 25 December, although four out of ten people do say that they keep a watchful eye over their weight before this date, just in case.

The truth is that Spaniards love to eat during this festive period. And, why wouldn’t they with such a wide range of delicious food and sweets to choose from – Turrónpolverones and mazapanes are just a few of the traditional sweets on offer on tables across the country.

And, 49% of Spaniards have calculated that they will put on between 1 and 3 kilos of weight, while 8% reckon it’ll be 3 kilos or more.

However, it’s the older generation that is more resigned to the fact that they will become fatter. Those below 30 years of age say they will stay the same weight (47%), but those between the ages of 30 and 50 say that their weight will increase by approximately 2 kilos (58%).

In spite of everything, there are others who plan to have everything under control and do step up the number of times they go to the gym during the weeks before Christmas, ensuring that their workouts are a little more extreme than usual. This definitely applies to women. Almost a quarter of women will exercise more before Christmas, while only 8% of men will bother doing so. Around 25% of under 30s will ensure that they hit the running machine during this time too.

In fact, 14% of Spaniards will actually diet beforehand, for the sole reason that they can then eat whatever they want during the two-week festive period without feeling guilty.

What about you? Has the weight begun to pile on already or are you manging to be strict with yourself regarding the amount of calorific food that passes through your lips? I remember last year, I actually went to bed hungry on Christmas night after eating a huge dinner, but which actually mainly consisted of vegetables, late afternoon and then not eating again before bed. I’m sure I even lost weight!!!



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