Spain tries to stop drunk drivers

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Spain proposes the use of Alcolock, a lock placed on the cars of drunk drivers.

30 September 2008

MADRID -- Drunk drivers could soon be removed from Spain's roads under a plan that would allow authourities to place a lock on the cars of people who repeatedly drive after drinking too much.
The proposed plan, revealed by the attorney general's office on Monday, would affect anyone caught drunk driving three or more times. Afterwards they would have a lock placed on their vehicle that would prevent them from driving if their blood alcohol level is over the legal limit.

Known as an Alcolock, the device is already being used in several European countries. In Spain it will be introduced by the traffic department in coordination with the Technology Institute Foundation for Car Safety.
Tighter restrictions on traffic laws in Spain, including making drunk driving a crime that can lead to a prison sentence, caused almost 1,500 people to be imprisoned for traffic violations, figures released Monday by the attorney general show.
Meanwhile, the number of road deaths decreased, falling 40 percent in September, the biggest month-long decline since 1980. Earlier in September eight people were killed on the roads nationwide, the fewest in a single weekend since records began.

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