What's your take on summer in Spain?

30th July 2009, Comments 1 comment

What do you have to say about summer in Spain? Fill out an Expat Voices questionnaire to share your perspective on summer abroad.

Sun, beach, heat, Sangria, insects; what do you like most (and least) about summer in Spain?

The Expatica team invites you to contribute to Expat Voices, an Expatica feature which takes the form of a brief questionnaire. Don't be concerned if English is not your first language, let us know your thoughts.

To participate, you simply need to answer 10 questions by email and include some photographs of yourself.

You are also welcome to share an image or a video which conveys more about your life abroad.

We decided to launch Expat Voices after noticing how popular our expat interviews were with Expatica readers. We also noticed how willing our readers are to offer encouragement, tips or reassurance to newcomers via article feedback as well as on the Expatica Forums.

For instance, read what fellow expats have to say about summer in Spain:
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We hope that Expat Voices will give more internationals a chance to share their perspective on life abroad.

We'd love to hear what you have to say about summer in Spain. To add your voice and receive the questionnaire, send an email to editorES@expatica.com with 'Please send me an Expat Voices summer questionnaire' in the subject line.

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  • Elaine Rooke posted:

    on 3rd August 2009, 19:42:06 - Reply

    We love it here in our small inland village in the Granada Area. We would not change this life for anything. The summer is great but cannot fault the winter either. The villagers are great.