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Welcome to Expatica Spain, offering expats the chance to find out what is really going on in their adopted country!

Welcome to Expatica Spain, offering expats the chance to find out what is really going on in their adopted country!

This site is the latest in a family of publications serving expatriate Europe. Expatica Spain joins Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands in providing expats with local news — in English — and plenty of information to help them feel at home here. And, perhaps most importantly, Expatica will give expats a voice within Spain — a publication that reports and comments on the issues that most affect their lives.

Here's what you will find in Expatica Spain

Every day you can read national news about Spain in English — the same day it happens. If you don't speak good Spanish, you will no longer have to wait until the next day to pick up the English-language editions of some of the Spanish papers  or buy expensive editions of papers from your own country.

To add to this unique service, you can read features about life in Spain — from the centenary of Salvador Dali's birth to the royal wedding they are all talking about, the marriage of Prince Felipe to television presenter Letizia Ortiz.

We also aim to give you an insight into the lives you could be living. This month, for example, we feature an article about a growing band of foreigners who are moving to Spain to enjoy the life here but who continue to work in their own countries, using the internet or simply exploiting low-cost airlines to commute.

Or try the article about how to enjoy Madrid the way David Beckham does — by going to the bars, restaurants and clubs that have become his favourites since he moved to the Spanish capital to become possibly the world's most famous expat.

We aim to keep you up to date with what is going on where you live — the best plays, films, clubs, restaurants and concerts in Barcelona and Madrid. On a weekly basis we will give you a taste of the places where expats meet — or those places where you can meet Spaniards.

If you want to find an English-speaking lawyer or someone who can repair your computer — or just some advice about living the life in Spain — then you can contribute to our Discussion Forum to talk to other expats.

Alternatively, we have a wide-ranging series of articles to cover the practical problems all expats have when settling in Spain — finding the best English-language schools for your children, how to buy a house, the best way to fight your way through Spain's notorious red tape, finding a job or managing your relocation from your own country.

Our newsletters will also give you a chance to keep up to date with what is going on — so subscribe now and we will keep in touch.

Though we aim to help expats live the life they have worked so hard to realise, we also aim to help them get to know and understand their new country.

We think our readers are professionals who don't want to remain in the expatriate ghetto but are keen to know what is going on right here, right now in Spain.

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