Ukrainian sunflower oil poses no health threat

29th April 2008, Comments 0 comments

Spain authorities lift ban on oil after just three days after imposing the ban.

29 April 2008

MADRID - After warning consumers on Friday not to use sunflower oil from Ukraine because a batch had been contaminated with aliphatic hydrocarbons, Health Minister Bernat Soria said on Monday that there is no longer any health threat.

"No cases of toxicity have been reported [linked to the consignment of Ukrainian sunflower oil]," he said. "It is the first time that a health crisis has been resolved in such a speedy fashion: less than 72 hours."

Despite Soria's assurances, his management of the affair has been highly criticised by food-oil producers in Spain, who fear that sales may suffer as a result.

The opposition Popular Party has joined in the criticism as well.

Health authorities have removed 3,500 tons of contaminated Ukrainian sunflower oil from the Spanish market. Authorities will soon publish a list of sunflower oil brands that are safe to consume.

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