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Ion Fiz, a 28-year-old from Bilbao, is one of the enfants terribles of the Spanish fashion world.

18 February 2008

BILBAO - Ion Fiz, a 28-year-old from Bilbao, is one of the enfants terribles of the Spanish fashion world. In 2005, a week before opening in Cibeles, he had to cancel following a disagreement with his financial partner. After the scandal and a long period lying below the radar screen, he found new partners, opened a store in Bilbao and Madrid, and finances his own shows. His clothes cost between EUR 130 and EUR 3,000. There is also a "B series" costing EUR 50-EUR 260. "I'm proud of myself," he says.

Rai, 35, is from Las Palmas, Ana Ynzenga, 30, is from Madrid and Beatriz Sebastián, 31, is from Segovia. They all met while working together on the designing team for Pedro del Hierro.

Today they still work for other firms and spend their spare time working on a brand they launched four years ago. "We work on a trial-and-error basis," says Beachcouture. "Whatever we earn, we reinvest." According to them, Beachcouture works "because we know what we like and we don't argue."

It's been 10 years since Inés Aguilar, 32, and Iván Martínez, 36, organised their first show at the former Sala Maravillas in Madrid. She was studying architecture and he was getting a degree in philosophy. What began as a hobby has turned into a profitable firm with fans in Tokyo, Reykjavik and Miami. They say they started designing because "back then it was hard to dress different."

Juanjo Oliva, now 36, told his parents at age 11 that he wanted to be a fashion designer. "And I didn't even have a seamstress aunt in the family," he recalls. He worked for other people for years, until he finally risked all of his money on his own brand, store and workshop. Later came recognition, shows and awards. "There is so little interest for fashion in Spain that people don't dress well even if it is cheap," he says - although his own clothes start at EUR 700.

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