Suspect's injuries prompt court probe

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ETA suspect's injuries sustained in custody prompt court probe.

8 January 2008

BILBAO/MADRID - One of two suspected ETA members arrested in the Basque Country on Sunday was admitted to hospital yesterday suffering from a broken rib, injuries to his left lung, respiratory problems and extensive bruising after 13 hours in police custody.

Igor Portu Juanena, 30, who was arrested along with Martín Sarasola at a Civil Guard checkpoint in a rural area of Guipúzcoa, was recovering from his injuries yesterday at a San Sebastián hospital.

A Civil Guard spokesman said officers had to use force to subdue Portu, who was armed at the time of his arrest. However, the extensiveness of his injuries and the fact that he did not receive immediate treatment has led a San Sebastián court to open an investigation.

"The fact that [Portu] is in hospital after being in the hands of the Civil Guard is very serious," Karmelo Landa, a representative of ETA's outlawed political wing Batasuna, declared.

In a carefully worded statement, a spokesperson for the Basque regional government warned that the "legitimacy and credibility of the institutions of the democratic state can only be established through scrupulous respect for human rights."

The government yesterday announced that questioning of the two suspects had revealed the existence of a weapons stash.

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