Suspected Italian mafia drug-runner arrested in Spain

19th May 2009, Comments 0 comments

A suspected top mafia drug-runner from Italy has been arrested in Spain after being on the run for three years.

Rome – A suspected top mafia drug-runner from southern Italy has been arrested in Spain after three years on the run, the ANSA news agency reported Sunday.

Raffaelle Amato, 44, from the Naples suburb Mugnano and a suspected member of the Camorra organised crime syndicate, was arrested in the southern Spanish coastal resort of Marbella, Naples prosecutor Giovandomenico Lepore told ANSA.

Amato is suspected of having carried out eight murders between 1991 and 1993, and of being a main supplier of cocaine in the Naples area, Lepore said.

Italian investigators said he spoke perfect Spanish and lived under a false name in a village on the Costa del Sol.

Amato did not resist his arrest by Neapolitan police at a Marbella hotel after they tracked him from nearby Malaga during a lengthy investigation, ANSA said. One of his lieutenants, named as Carmine Minucci, was arrested with him.

Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni telephoned the Naples police commissioner and chief prosecutor to congratulate them over the arrest, the ministry said in a communique.

Lepore told reporters he was pleased with improved cooperation between Italian and Spanish police, noting that Amato had been arrested and released on an earlier occasion in Spain.

"In contrast to what could happen in the past with Spanish justice and police authorities, collaboration has been stepped up, and today the synergy is perfect," he said.

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