Spanish woman sentenced to life in Thailand for drug trafficking

24th March 2011, Comments 1 comment

Maria Nieves Garcia Alcaraz, originally from Torraba in Albacete, was today sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Thailand after pleading guilty to drug trafficking, a crime that is usually punishable by death under Thai law. In ...

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  • InfoSeeker

    on 14th October 2011, 11:33:17 - Reply

    There aren’t many options for foreigners caught carrying such a large amount of illegal drugs in or out of Thailand. Foreigners can appeal to their embassies in Thailand if they are arrested. The embassies will often put the arrested foreigner in touch with a Thailand lawyer who can represent the accused as well as possible. Foreigners like the Spanish woman in this article are taking huge risks by entering Thailand with drugs. Even marijuana smuggling can carry harsh penalties in Thailand. Drug smugglers risk heavy fines as well as the death penalty in addition to life sentences in prison. For drugs like crystal methamphetamine, there is often little that foreign embassies can do to intervene. Women are sometimes targeted to be drug mules, but there is little sympathy for them once they are caught. Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are all known to have very little tolerance for smugglers.