Spanish prosecutors probe possible ETA-FARC link

3rd June 2008, Comments 0 comments

Prosecutors have launched an investigation to find out if Colombia's FARC rebels may have collaborated with Basque terrorist group ETA.

3 June 2008

MADRID - Spanish prosecutors have launched an investigation into evidence that Colombia's FARC rebels may have collaborated with Basque terrorist group ETA.

The probe by High Court Chief Prosecutor Javier Zaragoza, of which El Pais has learned, comes after Colombian officials revealed the existence last week of emails that appear to make reference to ETA on a computer seized by Colombian security forces from the FARC guerrillas in early March.

Zaragoza is asking Colombian authorities to hand over that evidence and any other information they have, and has also ordered Spanish police to begin an in-depth inquiry into murders of Colombian citizens in Madrid that might in some way be connected with the FARC and ETA.

His decision follows a meeting in Panama last week with the Colombian attorney general, Mario Iguarán.

Last Friday, Colombian Defence Minister Juan Manuel Santos said that the evidence had been found on the laptop computer that belonged to Luis Edgar Devia, a FARC leader also known as Raúl Reyes who was killed in a raid by the Colombian military on his jungle hideout on 1 March.

He said the documents and emails suggest that the FARC had been "looking into the possibility of having ETA collaborate in attacks in Madrid" against Colombian nationals. They appear to be dated from 2002 and 2003.

Among other possible targets suggested were Colombia's current vice president, Francisco Santos, and a former president of the country, Andrés Pastrana.

The documents also suggest that ETA members had received training from the FARC in Colombia.
[El Pais / Jose Yoldi / Expatica]

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