Spanish football plagued by racism, says player

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24 January 2007, MADRID — Another leading player spoke out on Wednesday about racism in Spanish football.

24 January 2007

MADRID — Another leading player spoke out on Wednesday about racism in Spanish football.

Colombian Luis Amaranto Perea, a defender with Atletico de Madrid, said racist taunts at stadiums "tarnish the image of Spanish soccer," adding that he could not believe such things still happened.

"The issue of racism has been discussed a lot. It's three or four who always make these types of gestures. So, we're then judging everybody because there are two or three who do not understand that we are all the same," he said.

"I have not had any problems with them, but on all the fields they make these gestures. They don't help soccer at all and tarnish the image of Spanish soccer," Perea said.

"I don't understand how in the century we are living, people can still make these types of noises," the Atletico player said.

In recent years, soccer has been plagued by racist incidents during matches in a number of countries, and Spain's professional soccer league called last year on everyone involved in the sport to step up efforts against racism.

During a match in March 2006, fans in Zaragoza hurled racist taunts at Cameroon's Samuel Eto'o, a standout with the visiting Barcelona squad.

Eto'o tried to abandon the field after a section of the stands emitted ape-like howls every time he touched the ball, but he was prevailed upon by team mates and the coach to continue playing and helped Barcelona to a 2-0 victory against the home team.

Two years ago, Eto'o was also the target of racist taunts by fans when Barcelona played Zaragoza.

FIFA targeted racism in soccer throughout last year's World Cup tournament.

At all of the 64 matches played during the World Cup, large signs saying "The World among Friends" and "Say No to Racism" were on display.

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