Spanish employer discards immigrant's severed arm

12th June 2009, Comments 1 comment

A Bolivian immigrant who lost his arm in a work accident was dropped off 100 metres from a hospital to get medical help, after his severed limb was thrown into a rubbish bin by his boss.

Madrid – The Spanish employer of a Bolivian immigrant whose arm was severed in a work accident threw the limb into a rubbish bin and then dropped off the man 100 metres from a hospital, a union alleged Thursday.

The Bolivian, Franns Rilles, worked in an industrial bakery, where he earned EUR 23 per day, without a work contract or social security coverage, the branch of the CO union for the eastern region of Valencia said in a statement.

On 28 May, his left arm was severed after it was caught in one of the bakery's machines, it said.

His employer dropped him off 100 metres from the door of the hospital and told him not to say anything about what happened.

The doctors then found there was no limb to reattach.

Police later found the severed arm in a rubbish bin, the union said.

AFP / Expatica

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  • S. Lasher posted:

    on 12th June 2009, 16:25:53 - Reply

    Why is this a surprise to anyone? As a foreign worker in spain, I have seen more people easily working illegallly without contracts, social securityetc. The feudal system is alive and well in Catalunia, Valencia and Spain as a whole. The employers will keep abusing the weakest memebers of soceity because the Spanish government does not care!