Spanish bullfighter Jose Tomas gets another goring

12th August 2008, Comments 2 comments

Despite sustaining injuries, the 32-year-old bullfighter went on to kill the bull at El Puerto de Santa María in Cádiz.

12 August 2008

MADRID - The legend surrounding the 32-year-old bullfighter Jose Tomas mushroomed even further on Sunday, after he was once again gored in the ring.

The Spaniard is generating an almost fanatical following among fans of the country's national fiesta, thanks to his outstanding performances and death-defying attitude.

In June, Tomas suffered a 20-centimeter injury to his right thigh in Madrid's Ventas bullring, before going on to finish the fight and kill the bull, his face caked in blood.

Tomas provided a similar performance of boldness and imperviousness to pain on Sunday, while in the ring in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz.

Tomás, from the Madrid town of Galapagar, was facing his first bull, when the animal managed to catch him with one of its horns. Flipped onto the floor, the bullfighter was injured once more by the bull. Despite his injuries - which were sustained to the armpit and buttock – Tomas refused medical attention and dispatched the 560-kilograms animal.

The bullfighter underwent surgery on Sunday night, where doctors later announced they had worked on two injuries to his right gluteus of seven and eight centimetres each, as well as a nine-centimetre cut in his right armpit.

Tomas will have to spend several days in hospital, meaning that he will miss his upcoming bullfights, starting with an event in Gijón scheduled for today and another in San Sebastián, slated for Thursday.

If he makes a steady recovery, the bullfighter may be back on his feet in time for an event in Málaga, a town that has always brought him good luck, which will take place on 20 August.

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2 Comments To This Article

  • Juan Almengor posted:

    on 24th May 2010, 12:01:54 - Reply

    This idiot did not learn his lesson .
    People from Spain should stop this type of
    Animal cruelty.
  • Maria posted:

    on 3rd July 2009, 19:21:50 - Reply

    Hope the bull gets him next time, and permanently.