Spanish authorities probe 'auction' of teenage girls

11th May 2009, Comments 1 comment

Teenage girls taking part in an auction organised by a well-known nightclub participated in tests such as dancing on a stage while the boys bid for them using play money.

MADRID – Spanish public prosecutors were investigating Friday an "auction" of teenage girls held at a nightclub which Equality Minister Bibiana Aido has called "deplorable and sexist".

During the event held at the popular Granada 10 nightclub on 25 April, teenage boys were given play money from the classic Monopoly board game which they used to bid for the girls who volunteered to take part in the auction.

As part of the contest the girls took part in tests, such as dancing on a stage. The boy making the highest bid awarded a bottle of a non-alcoholic drink and the right to spend time with the girl in a private section of the club.

The event was held during a period when the nightclub was open only to teenagers.

Many major nightclubs in Spain hold special weekend sessions, usually between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm, reserved for those between the ages of 12 and 18 during which drinking alcohol and smoking is banned.

"If you are a single girl, take part in an auction... and if you are a single guy, raise the auction bids," said fliers for the event, which were reprinted in the Spanish media on Friday.

Public prosecutors said they would open a preliminary inquiry into the event late on Thursday after the equality minister condemned it.

In November another nightclub in the Mediterranean port of Valencia was forced to call off a planned raffle in which the prize would be breast enlargement surgery after it sparked an uproar and the health ministry said it planned to investigate.

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