Spanish Prime Minister attacks conservatives

22nd September 2008, Comments 0 comments

Zapatero blames Spanish and US neoconservatives for economic crisis.

22 September 2008

VALLADOLID – In his speech Sunday in Valladolid Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero attacked neoconservatives, both in Spain and abroad.

Discussing the economic crisis during the last day of his PSOE party's regional congress in Castilla y León, the Socialist leader said that "the biggest ever disaster in economic history has a name: the neoconservatives, such as [the policies] used by Reagan and those so applauded by [ex-Prime Minister] Aznar and [Popular Party leader] Rajoy".

"Contradictory liberals"

Zapatero attacked the "contradictions of their liberalism", which, he said, rejects the state most of the time only to ask for its help to save large companies, banks and insurers.

"What asymmetrical liberalism!" he said, referring to the crisis in the United States. "Things should flow when we're earning a lot of money but the state should come to the rescue when there are losses".

[El Pais / Anabel Diez / Expatica]

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