Spanish PM turns comedian for election campaign

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19 October 2007, MADRID - (AFP) - Is that "Z" for Zorro? No, for Zapatero!

19 October 2007

MADRID - (AFP) - Is that "Z" for Zorro? No, for Zapatero!

Five months before general elections in Spain, Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero appears to have taken his cue from Hillary Clinton and used some self-deprecating humour in a campaign ad.

He appears in an online video, laughing as a puppet parody of himself makes fun of his way of speaking, in which he pronounces the letter "D" as a "Z" when it comes at the end of a word.

The puppet, and Zapatero himself, are seen repeating several words ending in the letter "D", such as "modernidad" (modernity) and "seguridad" (security), which they pronounce as "modernidaZ" and "seguridaZ".

"You can say anything with a smile," jokes the Socialist prime minister, dressed in an open-necked shirt and looking relaxed.

The ad ends with the slogan "With the Z of Zapatero", over the rose symbol of his Socialist Party.

The spot was widely mocked Friday in the right-wing press, which ran articles in which all the letter "Ds" with the letter "Z".

But it contrasted sharply with a recent sombre ad by conservative opposition leader Mariano Rajoy, released before Spain's national day on October 12.

Rajoy appears in his office, in a suit and tie, alongside the Spanish flag. He calls on Spaniards to carry the flag at the celebrations as a "display of love" for the nation.

Opinion polls give the Socialist Party a slim lead over Rajoy's Popular Party ahead of the March elections. The prime minister is expected to officially announce his candidacy in November.

Last June, US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton released a humorous online campaign ad that featured her husband, former president Bill Clinton, and spoofed the US television series "The Sopranos."

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