Spanish PM condems ouster of Honduran president

29th June 2009, Comments 0 comments

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero Sunday strongly condemned "the illegal detention and expulsion" in Honduras of the country's president and demanded his "immediate" reinstatement.

Madrid--"The head of the government expressed his strongest condemnation for the illegal detention and expulsion of the constitutional president of the republic of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya," a statement from Zapatero's office said.

Zapatero thought it "unacceptable that constitutional order and democratic stability had been disrupted" and urged the reinstatement of president Zelaya "in the position to which he was democratically elected."

The Spanish prime minister continued that "the solution to any dispute must always be found through dialogue and respect for democratic rules".

"There is not, neither can there ever be, a solution to the Honduran crisis outside the country's constitutional framework," he added.

He further expressed his "support for the Organisation of American States (OAS)" and said he hoped that the "mission that the organisation is sending to Honduras will bring honest dialogue between all those involved".

"The Spanish government will continue working with other countries in the region, the European Union and the international community to find a way out of the current crisis", the statement concluded.

Spain's criticism added to the international outcry after the Honduran president was arrested by soldiers and flown out of the country earlier Sunday.

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