Spaniards are biggest users of cocaine in world

6th September 2005, Comments 0 comments

6 September 2005, MADRID — Spain has the highest number of users of cocaine in the world, a new United Nations reports says.

6 September 2005

MADRID — Spain has the highest number of users of cocaine in the world, a new United Nations reports says.

The UN report says: "Spain occupies first place in the world in consumption of cocaine, ahead of the United States."

In terms of percent of the population who use the drug, 2.6 of Spaniards were said to be regular users, according to a report in the Spanish daily El Pais.

This compares with a figure of 2.5 percent in the United States, which is the second biggest consumer.

Next came Ireland where 2.4 percent of the population took cocaine, then the UK where the figure was said to be 2.1 percent. Finland had the lowest figure of 0.2 percent.

The report said Spain lead the world in terms of consumption of cocaine because it was on a major drugs route between South America and Europe.

Last year, Spanish authorities seized 33 tonnes of cocaine – half the total amount confiscated in Europe.

Since 2000, the production of cocaine in Colombia has been halved after tough measures brought in by the present government in Bogota.

During 2004, there were 14,267 arrests in Spain for peddling drugs. Over these, 4,838 were foreigners, with more than half coming from South America and 26 percent from Africa.

Of the 1,039 Europeans arrested for drugs offences, 235 were French, 156 were British, and 110 were Portuguese.

With regards to cannabis use, Spain was around the average mark in world terms.

And Spaniards were below the average in terms of heroin use.

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