Spain is world's fifth biggest water user

30th October 2008, Comments 0 comments

The average Spaniard uses 2.3 million litres or the equivalent of one Olympic-size swimming pool per year.

30 October 2008

MADRID - Spaniards are the fifth-biggest consumers of fresh water on the planet despite the country’s limited resources, shows a new study released Wednesday.
The figures were released by the World Wildlife Fund in its Living Planet 2008 report, which highlights man's ever-increasing abuse of the planet's natural resources.

Spain's so-called hydrological footprint, at around 2.3 million litres per person, or the equivalent of one Olympic-size swimming pool per person per year to drink, wash, clean, farm and manufacture even as the country faces a growing risk of desertification.

Spain is among one of the five Mediterranean nations suffering increasing hydrological stress due to demand for water outstripping available supply.

Spain ranks slightly below the United States, the world's largest water user, and almost doubles the world average at 1.24 million litres per person per year.

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