Spain accused as platform for doping in Europe

21st July 2008, Comments 0 comments

Française des Jeux's team doctor suggests other Spanish sporting bodies may also be guilty of doping, following recent positive tests for EPO.

21 July 2008

MADRID - The furore surrounding recent positive tests for EPO has escalated following the accusation of Gérard Guillaume, Française des Jeux's team doctor, that Spain is a "black spot" in the fight against doping.

"It's all but admitted, except by the Spanish authorities, that Spain is the platform for doping in Europe, in all sports," claimed Guillaume.

"Take [Manuel] Beltrán. He knew where it came from and what it was for when he raced with the great leaders" - a barbed reference to Lance Armstrong - "who supposedly did not dope. And this is the result."

Guillaume also cast aspersions on other Spanish sporting bodies - tacitly inferring complicity at worst, apathy at best. "They don't do checks in soccer, tennis or rugby. However, if they did, I'm sure we would see the same thing."

The ICU's president, Pat McQuaid, has concurred with Guillaume's claims, saying that Spain is the "last frontier" in the war against doping.

"This new case shows that in Spain they learn slowly that the fight against doping is relentless." he said after Moisés Dueñas tested positive for EPO last week.

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