Significant minority wants Portugal to be part of Spain

29th July 2009, Comments 10 comments

A recent poll shows over 30 percent Spaniards and about 40 percent Portuguese are in favour of forming a federation between the two nations.

Madrid –A significant minority in Spain and Portugal back the formation of a federation between their two nations, a poll published Tuesday showed.

Just under one-third of all Spaniards, 30.3 percent, and 39.9 percent of all Portuguese, are in favour of the idea, according to the survey by Spain's Salamanca University which was presented in Madrid.

More than 30 percent in both nations reject the idea of a federation. About 29 percent of Spaniards are indifferent to it compared to just 17.7 percent of Portuguese, whose average incomes are lower than their neighbours.

The poll of 876 people was carried out by researchers at the university in April and May.

Portugal's only Noble laureate for literature, Jose Saramago, sparked controversy among his fellow Portuguese in 2007 when he said it was "inevitable" that the country would end up joining with Spain.

Spain, which was formed out of a patchwork of warring kingdoms, already consists of various nationalities and languages that coexist, he told Portuguese daily Diario de Noticias. Saramago added Portugal could become another Spanish autonomous region like Catalonia or the Basque Country.

Portugal's Foreign Minister Luis Amado swiftly rejected the idea, telling reporters that while he respected Saramago, his own "vision of the relationship between Portugal and Spain over the coming decades is completely different".

Any attempt to unite Portugal with Spain would run into considerable opposition and commentators complain loudly whenever a Spanish firm buys up a Portuguese peer.

A poll published in weekly Portuguese newspaper Sol in 2007 found 28 percent of all Portuguese were in favour of a union with Spain, whose population of 46 million is more than four times greater than Portugal's.

Portugal marks as a national holiday the day in 1640 when the country regained independence from Spain after a 60-year period of rule by Madrid.

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  • chuck posted:

    on 31st July 2009, 03:32:03 - Reply

    Cold day in hell when my country of birth Portugal would be part of
    Our History is like no other and I'm proud to be nothing else but Portuguese. A fight to the death . Let sleeping dogs lie!
  • castro posted:

    on 30th July 2009, 06:42:56 - Reply

    And to follow-up my comments above with some other points;

    1. Jose Saramago is a joke, he is married to a Spaniard, is a member of Portugals communist party and failed to get elected to the European parlament.

    2. After close to 900 years history as a nation why would Portugal join Spain? Like really, to what benefit? Languages are different, culture are different, etc.. Because of income, please the EU is good enough and incomes are lower, but so is cost of living. Everything is relative.

    3. Spain did not "rule" Portgual from 1580 to 1640 during the Iberian union, they happend to have the same king due to rules of succession. Portugal and its territories were independently governed and maintained until Phillip the fourth of Spain known as Phillip the third of Portugal started to change things to his own detriment.

    4. No referrendum would ever lead to this, because Portugal as a nation would fracture and it is and has been more stable then Spain. Spanish civil war anyone vs Portugals which lasted a day, anyone?
  • castro posted:

    on 30th July 2009, 06:18:45 - Reply

    Being a part of Spain and entering into some kind of federation are two completely different things. Which one is it and how is asking 800 or so people out of over 55 million even the least bit valid?