Running Dinner on Saturday 24 July 2010 in Madrid!

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Welcome to Madrid's first running dinner on Saturday 24 July. A running dinner is a fun way to dine with new people in the course of an evening.

During the dinner, 3 course will be served: starter, main course and dessert. Each course is eaten at a different location (someone's home) and with different people. If you want to have fun and do something a bit different, meet lots of new people at once and have an evening of adventure on your own doorstep, here's your chance.

Once everyone has signed up, the organisers will match the participants up at random into teams of two. Each team will be assigned a course to prepare: a starter, main course or dessert (teams choose their own recipes). The course will be prepared at the home of one of the two team members, and two other teams will come and dine there, without knowing in advance who they will be dining with. For the next course, you will go to another team's flat and meet other people, and so on until the dinner finishes. Each team will have to prepare the course assigned to them, so they will be hosts for one part of the meal and guests for the other two parts.

A few days before the dinner, you will receive an email with the name and phone number of your team partner, the course you have to prepare, and the addresses of where you will eat the other two courses, and of the venue for the final party where all the participants get together. You should meet up the day before the dinner, decide what you want to cook, buy the ingredients and get your dish ready as far as possible.

On the day of the dinner (for example, if you're going to serve the starter), at 20h00 4 mystery guests will arrive at your house (or your team partner's house) for the first course. At 21h30, everyone must leave to reach their next destination for 22h00 - each team will head to a different house to meet different people. The same will happen with the dessert, served at 00h00. At the end of the night, all participants will meet up at a party in a bar in central Madrid.

For more information and to sign up, please visit the website at

Participation is free - all you have to pay for are the ingredients and your drinks at the after-party!

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