Pop is the tops for Spaniards

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4 December 2003, MADRID - Spain is not the flamenco-crazy nation that one might believe.

4 December 2003

MADRID - Spain is not the flamenco-crazy nation that one might believe.

Instead, they are mad on pop music, according to a new opinion poll released Thursday.

Spain is also the only country in Europe where rock is not the first choice for music-lovers.

The poll of 30,000 people in eight countries across Europe for the Music Choice, a 24-hour music channel, also found Alejandro Sanz was Spaniards' favourite singer.

Hardly-known beyond Spain, Sanz's smooth melodies have delighted the nation.

The poll found that other favourites in Spain were the group La Oreja de Van Gogh, singer David Bisbal, Joaquin Sabina and Amaral.

Though 37percent of Spaniards said pop was their favourite type of music rock came a popular second place.

Seventy-seven per cent of those interviewed said the top ten chart was not a proper represenation of people's tastes - a view echoed in Norway and Denmark.

Robbie Williams was top of pops in six of the eight countries where the poll was carried out including Britain, Denmark and Germany. After him came Eminem and, Metallica.

The American rap singer and the heavy metal group have pushed U2 and Madonna back into to fourth and fifth place in terms of popularity.

At least 40 percent of Spaniards said they spend between ten and EUR 12 a month on music and 26 percent  said they spent up to EUR 40.

And almost a third — 30 percent — spend up to 21 hours every week listening to music.

Perhaps it came as little surprise that almost all of those polled - 95 percent - think music is too expensive.

But this did not stop more than a quarter (28 percent) of those polled from saying that music is more important than sex.

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