Politicians hit airwaves with gusto on Tuesday

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Electoral battle lines redrawn as 9 March poll date looms.

9 January 2008

MADRID - Politicians from both the right and left hit Spain's airwaves with gusto on Tuesday, almost two months to the day before Spaniards go to the polls to elect a government for the next four years.

Speaking on the fiercely conservative Catholic Cope radio station, Popular Party leader Mariano Rajoy promised not to "undo everything" the Socialist government has achieved this legislature if he is elected as leader of the majority party on 9 March. "I'll look at each piece of legislation individually and decide what needs to be repealed or not," Rajoy told firebrand radio host Federico Jiménez Losantos.

Rajoy did, however, promise to subject the Spanish education system to its fourth reform in five legislatures and expressed disdain for the "worthless" Law of Historical Memory that seeks to right the wrongs of the Franco regime.

PP senator and honorary president, Manuel Fraga, went further in an interview with the Telecinco television station, suggesting that a PP government would "reconsider" the legalisation of homosexual marriage and fast-track divorce.

Socialist politicians, meanwhile, focused on Spain's slowing economy in response to recent attacks from the PP, with the labour minister and campaign coordinator Jesús Caldera telling SER radio listeners that "unemployment figures are not the best way to judge the state of the labour market."

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