Peron seeks to avoid extradition to Argentina

15th April 2008, Comments 0 comments

The second wife of former Argentinian strongman is appealing on grounds that she is a Spanish citizen.

15 April 2008

MADRID - Maria Estela Martinez de Peron, the second wife of former Argentinian strongman Juan Domingo Peron, has appealed to a Spanish court in Madrid against Argentina's attempt to extradite her on the grounds that she is a Spanish citizen and therefore her country of birth has no legal jurisdiction over her.

Martinez de Peron, who ruled Argentina from 1974 until 1976, is wanted by a court in that country for her involvement in condoning ultra-right wing groups such as the Triple A (Argentinian Anti-communist Association), which hunted, detained, tortured and murdered supposed enemies of the state.

The former head of state, who ruled Argentina during one of its bloodiest decades in history, has had two extradition requests pending from Argentina.

During the 1970s, more than 30,000 Argentinians disappeared due to a violent conflict between the government and left-wing guerrilla groups.

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