Opposition party to present alternative budget

20th October 2008, Comments 0 comments

PP leader Mariano Rajoy says government’s national budget will lead Spain into further crisis.

20 October 2008

MADRID -- Opposition leader Mariano Rajoy said on Sunday he will present Congress with an alternative to the government's national budget, which "is no good and will only bring us more crisis".

"I want a national budget that pulls us out of the crisis, not one that makes the Basque Nationalist Party and Galician Nationalist Bloc happy," the Popular Party leader said in reference to the regional groups whose votes will be crucial to pass the government's proposed budget.

Rajoy said he wants a fiscal reform that helps families and small companies.

"What Spaniards are worried about right now is the crisis of family economies," Rajoy said in Valencia.

Recent forecasts show that the global crisis and the acuteness of Spain's real estate slump could lead the country into a recession by end 2008.

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