Online aid offers for ETA victim who lost house

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Offers of money and free housing have been pouring in for a Spanish man who attacked an alleged watering hole for ETA supporters after his house was destroyed by an ETA bomb.

MADRID – Offers of jobs, money and even free restaurant meals poured in Wednesday over the Internet for a Spanish man who thrashed a bar alleged to be a watering hole for sympathisers of ETA after his home was damaged in a bomb attack claimed by the Basque separatist group.

The pledges of aid were made on a blog dedicated to the "avenger of Lazkao", the Basque town where a bomb left in a rucksack outside of the headquarters of the Basque Socialist Party exploded in the early hours of Monday.

"We do not support violence nor do we seek to encourage it, we just understand the critical emotional state of someone who lost his home because of a bomb and want to give our support," the authors of the blog wrote.

In a widely-seen video posted on the Internet, the man was seen calmly approaching the bar on Tuesday in broad daylight carrying a large hammer which he used to break the glass panes of the entrance.

He then climbed through the broken glass and proceeded to go on a rampage inside the bar, destroying furniture while shouting: "You have reduced my home to rubble, now it's your turn!".

Police arrive and carry him away in handcuffs. He has since been released while he awaits his trial but has reportedly left the town.

Several lawyers have offered to represent the man for free in court through the blog while another person has agreed to let him live for free at an apartment in another part of Spain.

Posters calling the man a "fascist aggressor" have since appeared on walls in the town and about 100 supporters of Basque independence held a silent vigil Wednesday night outside of Lazkao's town hall in protests against the thrashing of the bar.

The bomb caused no injuries but extensive damage. It comes as the Basque region prepares to vote in regional elections on Sunday with polls indicating the moderate Basque Nationalist Party could lose its nearly 30-year hold on power to the Socialists.

Only two percent of Basques are "basically in agreement" with ETA, according to a poll published over the weekend in the El Mundo newspaper.

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