Noisy Spanish bar owner jailed for five years

17th March 2009, Comments 0 comments

In an unprecedented ruling by a Spanish court, a bar owner has been sentenced to five and a half years for “torturing” his neighbours with blasting music from 09:00 until 03:00.

BARCELONA – A bar owner in Spain has received a record jail term of five and a half years for "torturing" his neighbours with loud music from his sound system, judicial officials said Monday.

A court in Barcelona said three persons living near the city's Donegal pub "developed depressive anxiety syndrome that needed medical treatment" due to the noise from five loudspeakers, which blared music non-stop from 09:00 until 03:00.

In their ruling, the judges described the noise as "a method of torture".

The owner of the bar, closed since 2006 by the local authorities, had installed the powerful sound system without authorisation.

The judges decided to hand down "a stiff sentence, the hardest ever imposed by a Spanish court" for this type of crime, the newspaper El Periodico said.

AFP / Expatica

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