Nick Snelling's new book reveals secrets to expat employment in Spain

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Nick Snelling's new book reveals the secrets to expat employment in Spain and how to have satisfying, and stable work within a country struggling with economic problems.

The Spanish economy is in trouble.  Unemployment is in excess of 20 percent and the construction industry, the ‘motor’ of the economy in Spain, has ceased to function. Austerity measures by the Spanish government are due to take effect shortly and will further curb any willingness on the part of the Spanish to spend freely.  

The truth is that the Spanish property crash has damaged the very sense of ‘well being’ of the Spanish -- who now know that the prospects for any short term, meaningful recovery of the Spanish economy are gloomy.

So without doubt, the days of blundering into Spain as an expatriate and making easy money through the ‘old certainties’ of construction, estate agency or bars are over.

Does this mean that working in Spain for an expatriate is impossible?

According to Nick Snelling's newest book, The Secrets to Working and Making a Living in Spain, the answer is: no. However, to have any chance of success, you need to know exactly what is possible, what opportunities exist and precisely how to exploit them.

The authors of ‘Secrets’ are two businessmen who have been working in Spain for many years and they take a hard-nosed, uncompromising look at the situation in Spain.  They describe the cold realities (and legalities) of working in Spain - before identifying, and describing in detail, ten different ways of making money in Spain now.

The ten ways tackled by ‘Secrets’ have certain, critically important factors in common.  All are low risk, require little or no investment and provide a way to make a reasonable income.  

Indeed, ‘Secrets’ never claims that it will make anyone an instant millionaire. It is too realistic for that.  

The aim, throughout the book, is to show the reader how to exploit defined niches and make a viable income in Spain - whether that income needs to be part time (to subsidise an existing income) or full time.

‘Secrets’ is 329 pages long, has over 60,000 words and is packed with well organised, relevant information, links, interviews and interactive tools.  Its authority is further enhanced by having been written in conjunction with twelve experts in the areas of work identified.

Clear, succinct and eminently practical, ‘The Secrets to Working and Making a Living in Spain’ is a problem solver for anyone who wants (or needs) to earn money in Spain.

The Secrets to Working and Making a Living in Spain by Nick Snelling and Graham Hunt is available to buy from

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