Mother's Day brings no respite for Spanish women

5th May 2006, Comments 0 comments

5 May 2006, MADRID — On the eve of Mothering Sunday, a new survey reveals Spanish women receive the lowest level of State help in Europe.

5 May 2006

MADRID — On the eve of Mothering Sunday, a new survey reveals Spanish women receive the lowest level of State help in Europe.

They are the principal carers for children and do the majority of housework, the survey said.

The report, by the Centre for Sociological Investigation (CIS),  found 77 percent of Spaniards believe women have more problems balancing work and family life than men.

Even though nearly 40 percent of those polled said they believed most couples shared housework, evidence showed women spend more time caring for the children.

And though 94 percent of those questioned said they wanted to have an equal society, it appears that in reality women are not on an equal par with women.

The majority of women quizzed said they would like more time to spend with their children.

Many Spanish women work outside the home but six out of ten said they would like to be able to have breakfast with their children.

Just over half said they took their children to school and helped them with homework.

But most importantly, Spain gives the least aid to families among European Union countries.

For every five euros from the EU to families, Spain gives only one.

The government gives EUR 105 per person per year, while Luxembourg gives 16 times more.

The European average is five times higher than families get in Spain.

The Spanish government is considering increasing this aid, not just for working mothers but for women who stay at home with their children.

Now in Spain, a family needs to have 19 children to receive the same amount of state aid as a German family with three children.

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