Man kills four in Spain shooting rampage

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A 57-year-old man, who reportedly liked dressing up as a town sheriff, shot and killed four people Wednesday in northeastern Spain, police and media said.

Armed with either a rifle or shotgun, according to various reports, he first shot a father and son in a bar in Olot before driving his car to a bank in town where he killed two staff, a man and a woman.

He surrendered to local officers shortly afterwards, police said.

"At about 9am, Catalan police officers were alerted to the death of two people in an establishment," the Catalan police said in a statement.

"Half an hour later they received information that a man responding to the same physical description entered a banking establishment and killed two employees," they said.

Soon after, "the man suspected of being responsible for the four deaths was arrested by local police."

Police identified him only as "Pedro P.P", aged 57 and of Spanish nationality.

Police were still investigating possible motives for the shooting rampage, a spokesman said.

The suspect often walked around town in the evening dressed as a sheriff with a fake pistol and badge, according to a witness quoted by Spanish agency Europa Press.

The news agency quoted the unnamed witness, who claimed to have known the man since he was a child, as saying the suspect was "strange" but previously not violent.

The first two victims reportedly worked in construction, a 62-year-old man and his 35-year-old son.

They were eating breakfast in a bar called La Cuina de l'Anna when the killer walked in and shot each of them once with a shotgun, agency and newspaper reports said.

The father and son were the owners of a firm, Construccions Tubert, which owed the suspect money, according to the online edition of the daily El Mundo, citing unnamed investigation sources.

After leaving the bar, he reportedly drove to a branch of the bank Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo and shot the two staff. According to El Mundo, one of the bank victims was the deputy director and the other an employee.

The man's work situation was unclear.

He surrendered to police after the killings, according to El Mundo, which said his employment situation was not yet clear.

Police had gone to the bank because the man's car was double-parked outside, El Mundo said.

A neighbour had reported the sound of gunshots, prompting the police officers to get out of the car.

They then saw the killer leaving the building with a shotgun in his hands pointed to the ground, before surrending when police announced their presence, the paper said.

According to El Mundo, one witness reported having said to the man before the killings: "It's so cold." To which the man reportedly answered: "I will take the chill off."

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