Love and life quality make people move abroad

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29 March 2006, BRUSSELS - Love and the search for a better quality of life are the main reasons most Europeans home to move abroad, a European Union study showed.

29 March 2006

BRUSSELS - Love and the search for a better quality of life are the main reasons most Europeans home to move abroad, a European Union study showed.

The report said only 2 percent of EU citizens chose to move to another European country. Of these, 30 per cent said they were leaving home to follow their partner or family and 24 per cent said they were seeking a better quality of life.

Only 25 per cent said they were changing countries because of a job.

"The main pull factor that brings people to France and Spain is quality of life. In Italy it is a partner or family and people tend to move to Germany and Britain to work and study," the report said.

It said Spain and Italy attracted the largest number of retirees, adding that most people who sought a post-work life in another country tended to come from big cities and settle in rural areas.

In contrast, Europeans moving to another country to work tended to come from rural areas and sought to live in big urban centres.

Migration to Germany is more dominated by manual jobs, whereas those moving to Britain tend to be professionals (especially in the finance, insurance and real estate sectors).

"Those who live in another EU country are more politically active than the general population and are more left-leaning in their politics," the report said.

They are interested in the politics of their host country, the study said, adding that EU citizens who lived away from home believed that "feeling European is perfectly compatible with attachment to both their country of origin and their country of residence.

The study is part of an EU drive to encourage people the mobility of workers across the 25-nation bloc.

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