Kidnapped Spaniards escape through jungle

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7 April 2006, PANAMA CITY — Two Spaniards who were kidnapped in the Darien jungle in Panama two months ago have escaped from their armed captors.

7 April 2006

PANAMA CITY — Two Spaniards who were kidnapped in the Darien jungle in Panama two months ago have escaped from their armed captors.

Naturalist José Vicente Colastra and his son Sergio managed to flee through the jungle to safety.

Panamanian police chief Jaime Jácome told the RPC television channel that the two Spaniards were able to make it on their own to the tiny village of Jaqué on the border with Colombia.

They were kidnapped by armed men on 20 January in a remote area of the Darien jungle where they were building a medical centre.

Spanish ambassador to Panama Gerardo Zaldivar said authorities were trying to determine the exact details of their dramatic escape.

The two men were working on a construction project in the Darien for the Tierra Viva Foundation, which promotes sustainable development.

Panamanian police have been searching the area between the town of Jaqué and the border with Colombia, some 300 kilometres (about 186 miles) east of Panama City.

The two Spaniards were part of a team of 19 people who were working with refugees in Jaqué, the La Prensa newspaper reported.

Colombian paramilitaries, guerrillas, gun smugglers and drug traffickers operate in the Darien, which separates Panama from Colombia.

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