Israel ambassador bids farewell to 'anti-semitic' Spain

16th July 2011, Comments 6 comments

Israel's ambassador in Madrid described the "hatred and anti-semitism" he had experienced during his four years in Spain, in a message post on the embassy website Saturday.

Raphael Shutz said that his four years in Spain had included some difficult moments.

He cited Israel's January 2009 assault on the Palestinian-held Gaza Strip, which provoked an international outcry; and the May 2010 commando raid on a Gaza-bound aid convoy in which nine Turkish activists were killed.

In addition, he said, "...the fact of having personally experienced the hate and the anti-semitism that exists in Spanish society is something that I take away with me."

But he stressed too, that he had also had many positive experiences.

Last month, as Palestinian foreign minister Riyad al-Malki visited Madrid, Spain called for the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian talks and a two-state solution to the conflict.

In February, Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez made her first visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories, in a trip marking the 25th anniversary of diplomatic ties.

"Relations between our two countries are just beginning," said Shutz in his message Saturday.

Diplomatic relations between the two countries were first established in January 1986 after centuries of hostility following the publication of a royal order expelling the Jews from Spain in 1492.

The edict of expulsion was formally nullified 500 years later at an official ceremony in March 1992 which was attended by the Spanish king and then Israeli president Haim Herzog.

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6 Comments To This Article

  • Mo posted:

    on 20th July 2011, 14:14:41 - Reply

    In my view, the ambassador has confused anti-semitism with political analysis, also known as having a chip on one´s shoulder.
  • amirado posted:

    on 18th July 2011, 13:45:15 - Reply

    Well Johnny, you said it weel... only Jews have no right to defend themselves from their brutal enemies attack 5 yards from their himes, but the US have the right to fuch the whole Iraqi people just because 19 Islamic terrorists fucked the US in 911.... and guess what? No Iraqi was among those brutal terrrorists!

    Israel is acting in properly messures to hit and destroy the Islamic terrorists. The fact that those terrorists are hinding beyond their wives and kids makes it diffucult for the Israelis to gain clear and cut victory, because the Israelis are too considerable towards their haters. Too much. But the Arabs spare their wives and kids that are injured or killed when they are hiden from the eyes of the brave IDF soldierd. Muslims are cowards that killing their kids and yet are crying that the Jews did it!

    Why can Amrica be American, white and Christian and Israel can't be just Jewish? The Jewish people has the right for his owm state on the land of Israel.
  • JohnWV posted:

    on 17th July 2011, 09:48:11 - Reply

    Israel defines itself as the Jewish state and hate is an often appropriate reaction to Israel's behavior. In this context, being “antisemitic” is devoid of derogatory implications.
  • Johnny posted:

    on 17th July 2011, 09:16:16 - Reply

    Really Shutz? Israel goes into Gaza with phosphorus bombs and apache helicopters killing women, children and men or civilians on the Flotilla ship and you expect support for those criminal acts? Really? What's wrong with you people that think that's ok? This is the worse kind of Terrorism to use your military force on people that can't defend themselves. Israel brews this hate towards them, and it has nothing to do with the Jewish religion but rather, their cowardly criminal acts against humanity.
  • Dan posted:

    on 17th July 2011, 01:51:48 - Reply

    I have had the bitter suprise to find out, during the two decades I lived in the United States, that well-to-do, educated, well-traveled, college age spaniards carry with them, to this day and age, a deep antipathy for the jewish people.
  • Mark posted:

    on 17th July 2011, 01:41:04 - Reply

    Europe is weak an impotent to stop the flow of Islam in there nations. Nothing from Spain would suprise me. Any nation that clings to the Cathloic church like the spaniards do you should expect Jew hating. A few more generations and all of Europe will be living under Sharia law.