Greenpeace raids cluster bomb manufacturer in Spain

26th May 2008, Comments 0 comments

Greenpeace activists on Friday stormed into the building of a Spanish firm it accuses of manufacturing cluster bombs.

26 May 2008

MADRID - Greenpeace has brought an international campaign against the arms industry to Spain with a raid on the headquarters of a Spanish firm it accuses of manufacturing cluster bombs.

The meticulously coordinated protest at the offices of Explosivos Alavesas (Expal) on the outskirts of Madrid occurred on Friday when Greenpeace activists stormed into the building and unfurled a banner from the roof depicting a maimed child. "Expal sells bombs that mutilate," the banner read.

Greenpeace, which claims it has spent weeks trying to speak with the firm's managers to no avail, alleges that Expal produces cluster bombs - a device that, after being dropped by a plane, breaks into multiple smaller explosive rounds before it hits the ground.

Cluster munitions pose significant risk to civilians in warzones even after the conflict has ended due to the wide dispersal of unexploded rounds.

[El Pais / F. Javier Barroso / Expatica]

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