Gang which preyed on expat villas is arrested

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20 November 2006, MADRID — Eighteen members of a gang linked to more than 70 violent robberies across Spain were arrested on Monday.

20 November 2006

MADRID — Eighteen members of a gang linked to more than 70 violent robberies across Spain were arrested on Monday.

Police said the gang, which was organised into three cells, had stolen cash worth EUR 300,000 and property valued at about EUR 150,000. 

Among those arrested was the owner of an ironmonger's who supplied the gang with the tools to carry out the raids.

They robbed homes, banks and companies in Malaga, Cádiz, Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba, Madrid, Caceres, Avila, Guadalajara, Segovia and Toledo.

A wave of robberies, some on the homes of expats on the Mediterranean coasts, have been blamed on Eastern European gangs.

In Monday's operation, police detained eleven in Málaga and seven in Madrid.

Police said most were Albanian Kosovans.

Officers seized EUR 56,000 in cash, four vehicles, jewellery, numerous tools, and other electronic equipment used to carry out raids.

Police sources said the gang carried out carefully planned raids, disabling the electronic alarm systems with specialised equipment, before forcing their way into the homes and taking cash and valuables.

They would dress in black and teams outside would warn the raiders of the approach of other vehicles or police.

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