Forum 2004 EUR 3m 'corners' show

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4 March 2004, BARCELONA- A EUR 3 million exhibition of the most famous corners from around the world, was unveiled Thursday.

4 March 2004

BARCELONA-  A EUR 3 million exhibition of the most famous corners from around the world,  was unveiled Thursday.

'Cities and Corners' is the latest feature of  the controversial 141-day Forum 2004 festival which is due to start in 9 May and will last  until September.

The show will demonstrate that corners can appear like "exponents of diversity and of cultural and geographical conditions", according to the organisers.

Among the famous 'corners' on show will be Picadilly in London, Times Square in New York, Deux Magot in Paris,  Shizuoka in Tokyo, Kavanagh in Buenos Aires, Cub Zuev, in Moscow and La Pedrera in Barcelona.
Manuel de Solá-Morales, who commissioned the exhibition, said: "The corner could be the minimal expression of the intersection of humanity."

The corners will be reproduced at one-tenth the size of the real thing.

On the same scale as the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Forum 2004 aims to offer a cultural encounter for people from across the world.

The central themes of Forum 2004 will be cultural diversity, sustainable development and finding the conditions for peace.

Headliners lined up include Iranian Nobel Peace Prize Winner Shirin Edabi and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and former US president Bill Clinton.

But there will also be a taste of Hollywood glamour with stars like Halle Berry turning up for some events.

The festival will feature a huge range of concerts, shows, plays, dance performances and games for adults and children alike.

Forum 2004 has met with criticism from those who feel it is simply an attempt for fashionable, First World Barcelona to cash in on a festival which is supposed to be about the Third World.

Members of the anti-globalisation movement feel it is a cynical attempt for Forum organisers and developers to make money.

The large scale of corporate sponsorship has  provided critics with more ammunition  to attack the event.

The organisers have denied these allegations.

It is hoped that the corners exhibition alone will attract 1.5 million visitors.

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