Forty-kilo bomb found in Vizcaya thought to have been left by ETA

1st February 2008, Comments 0 comments

A bomb-disposal team defused a 40-kg device yesterday in Getxo, Vizcaya.

1 February 2008

BILBAO/MADRID - A bomb-disposal team defused a 40-kg device yesterday in Getxo, Vizcaya, which police believe was going to be used by the Basque terrorist group ETA in an attack. The explosive material, reported to be ammonal, was housed within a metallic beer barrel and was primed with detonator cord, although no detonator was attached.

Local police were alerted to the presence of the bomb by a resident of the area who had noticed the object, which was stored inside a black plastic bag. Once the officers confirmed that they were dealing with a bomb, they brought in the Basque police force, who sent a bomb-disposal team. After cordoning off the area at around 12.30pm, the team began a full inspection of the device.

According to police sources, the object may have been left there as the result of a "failed delivery" by the Vizcaya cell, one of the terrorist group's active units, which may have been planning to use it for a car bomb.

Police authorities will now study the device for evidence that could help identify the individuals who handled it.

In a survey made public yesterday, 39.6 percent of Spaniards questioned in December said that terrorism was their principle concern. That figure rose from 29 percent in November, due to an ETA attack at the end of that month in France that left two Civil Guard officers dead.

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