Fishermen threaten Lisbon invasion over fuel costs

28th May 2008, Comments 0 comments

Angry Portuguese fishermen is the latest to protest against rising fuel costs as its counterparts across Europe plan to go on strike.

28 May 2008

MADRID - Legions of angry Portuguese fishermen are threatening to "invade Lisbon" unless the government takes measures to counteract rising fuel prices they say are forcing them out of business.

The plans for a march on the capital come as fishermen across Europe prepare to go on strike in a protest that could empty supermarket shelves of seafood. Fishermen in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal say they cannot cope with the rising costs of diesel and are calling on governments to cut taxes or offer subsidies.

"We're not asking for handouts, we want a new fisheries policy," said Lisbon fishing cooperative head Ricardo Santos.

In Spain, the Public Works Ministry began talks on Tuesday with transport industry representatives in a bid to avert a truckers' strike over fuel prices.

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